Mallacoccio Receives “100 Proud” Award

December, 2016

Mallacoccio Receives "100 Proud" Award

Vern MallacoccioELMIRA, NY – Katherine H. Roehlke, President & CEO of F. M. Howell & Company, has announced that LaVern Mallacoccio III has been named the recipient of the company’s 2016 “100 Proud” Award.  The award, first given in 1983, Howell’s Centennial year, is presented each year by the Company President to an employee in recognition of outstanding work, attitude, and character.


In presenting the award, Roehlke said, "Vern is described by his supervisor as one of the most cooperative and hardest working employees that he has had the privilege to work with." Mallacoccio has been with the company since 1999 and has worked in all four of Howell’s plants. "He is a highly sought-after employee because of his strong work ethic," Roehlke further stated. Mallacoccio currently works at our Howell Marketing Services division.
Founded in Elmira in 1883, F. M. Howell & Company provides packaging products and services to pharmaceutical, industrial and consumer products industries.